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Brood & Spelen is a committed and active organization specialized in providing care during the lunch break and after school. We have over 18 years of experience in caring for children. We do this at more than 80 schools throughout the Netherlands for 41,000 children per week. With a large team of enthusiastic and skilled employees with a lot of knowledge, play ideas and passion for children, we can help schools. We can take on any challenge and provide a pleasant and peaceful break.
Children are the future. Brood & Spelen therefore attaches great importance to the cognitive and social-emotional development of children. We are happy to contribute to this in which children continue to develop and feel at home.

Reception options

We provide mid-school childcare and schoolyard supervision at schools and have after-school childcare at two locations.
In addition, Brood & Spelen offers support services such as help when a teacher is absent, study day care, courses, guided by volunteers at the playground and organizing school events. We take care of the entire organization of the mid and after school activities.

"When my child talks about what it was like at TSO, she has a smile from ear to ear. Then I know it's all right!"

Annelies, mother

Mid-school childcare

With our mid-school childcare, we ensure that the remaining time runs smoothly and that the children can enjoy a quiet lunch. Afterwards we organize an activity or play on the schoolyard.

  • Our service is well arranged in line with the vision of the school
  • Personalized approach
  • Warm transfer to the teachers
  • Enthusiastic teams

Schoolyard supervision

Personal approach is very important. A enthusiastic and active team supervises the children playing (outdoors) and ensures that everything runs smoothly on the schoolyard. This gives the teachers time to have lunch.

  • A good solution for schools with a continuous schedule
  • Reception on the schoolyard during the break
  • So teachers also can have a break
  • Activities on the schoolyard

After-school childcare

With our out-of-school childcare, we want to unburden parents and offer children a safe and familiar place after school. At the after-school childcare of Brood & Spelen every child has the possibility to be themselves.

  • Every month an activity program
  • Experience & discover
  • We work in line with the vision of the school
  • Experienced pedagogical employees

Do you want to work at Brood & Spelen?

Every day, all our committed employees and volunteers do everything they can to ensure that children have a good time.
Our employees are enthusiastic about working with children and enjoy coming out and learning something new. They are also independent and honest.
Interested in a job? Check here our vacancies. We would like to meet you.


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